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What We Do:

Since 1982 Exclusive Programs has focused its resources developing the specialized knowledge and expertise required to provide insurance for ‘difficult’ classes of business. The information provided to the insurance company, the technical expertise, knowledge of your industry, innovative problem solving skills, etc. are all major influences on the pricing of insurance. We have earned a preferred status with the underwriters we work with, and they recognize us as specialists. They will always work much harder to deliver the pricing and coverage we ask for. We know the rules so you don’t have to.

We are Different Because:

We represent over 100 insurance companies who target YOUR specialized industry. Each offers unique advantages (Your current agent most likely represents only one or two). In addition, we are seeking new insurance companies every day, to make certain we have access to the best products.

Our highly trained specialists operate as your team – each has specific responsibilities in managing each piece of the insurance puzzle. We mix and match the best products, to deliver the most coverage at the lowest cost. We do the work, not you.

Bottom Line INTEGRITY:

Our reputation over 3 decades is outstanding. Integrity is the cornerstone of our company philosophy. Our references include National Associations, Insurance Companies, CEO’s of Public Companies, and of course our Clients.

  • Waste & Recycling Industries With Association Endorsed Carriers & many of our own specialty exclusive policy forms.
  • Scrap Metal Industry, including dealers, processors, and related businesses.
  • Medical Waste Transporters, Processors, and related businesses.
  • A New Workers Compensation Program for the Waste and Recycling Industry!
  • Non-Collateralized Bid and Performance Bonds for the Sanitation Industry.
  • RepoGuard offers a complete ALL lines insurance and bonding program for the collateral & recovery industry.